Since 1885

Jules Destrooper, who was originally a colonial trader, started out making almond thins with spices he imported from Africa and the East. Originally, the biscuit was meant to be a promotional gift for his customers. The almond thins proved a runaway success, as orders for more supplies quickly followed. In 1886, when production officially started, the Biscuiterie Jules Destrooper was born.

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100% natural

While the original Jules Destrooper recipes remain a closely guarded secret to this day, we are happy to say our biscuits are only made from the purest ingredients. What that means is that we use no preservatives, colorings and artificial flavorings.

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Recipes and food pairing

At Jules Destrooper, we strongly believe in the right combination of flavours. Foodpairing is a method for identifying which foods go well together. The method is based on the principle that foods combine well with one another when they share major flavour components. Our sense of smell is responsible for 80% of our taste experience, making flavour a key driver for the creation of food combinations.

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Jules Destrooper pictures.

Jules Destrooper - The world's best Belgian biscuit brand

"Starting with a small bakery on Lo Street, West-Flanders, Belgium in 1885 by colonial merchant Jules Destrooper, no one could have expected the remarkable development of Jules Destrooper as it is today. Jules Destrooper built a reputation by importing spices and ingredients from colonial countries in Africa and the East with superior quality."

Initially, he made almond thins as gifts for his customers and he could not believe that the cake was a great success, the number of orders increased, people flocked to the store with the desire to own more and more cakes. He quickly saw the potential, the opportunity to grow, in 1886 Jules Destrooper officially launched the Belgian biscuit brand Jules Destrooper.

All-natural ingredients

Jules Destrooper Belgian biscuits are made entirely from the purest ingredients. 100% naturally grazed fresh chicken eggs, fine Valencian almonds ripening yellow in the sun, Madagascar vanilla, fine Belgian chocolate and pure fresh butter.

Committed to the production philosophy:

  • No preservatives.

  • No colorants or artificial flavorings.

  • No GMOs.

  • No additives to provide the most complete experience.

  • Jules Destrooper's Cakes

    With an esoteric formula that goes hand in hand with the philosophy of producing 100% natural ingredients, especially promoting safety as well as the interests of consumers, Jules Destrooper belgian cake has successfully conquered 64 international markets and captured the hearts of millions of people around the world.
    Jules Destrooper's high-end imported cakes include:

  • Almond Thins: The legendary line of cakes creates a strong momentum for Belgian bakery brand Jules Destrooper. The cake has a sweet, warm, vivid aroma of dried seeds and sweet caramel.

  • Butter Crisps: One of Jules Destrooper's traditional cakes, made from whole butter with 100% natural chicken eggs and flour and sugar. The cake offers a rich and caramel-rich aroma.

  • Butter Waffles: Flavored by traditional Belgian waffle, the cakes are made from pure butter, Madagascar vanilla, natural fresh chicken eggs, flour. Crispy, lightly porous, buttery texture with warm vanilla.

  • Buy Belgian biscuits imported Jules Destrooper in Vietnam

    WorldFinestFoods is proud to be a genuine importer and exclusive distributor of genuine Jules Destrooper cakes in Vietnam. The cake is imported genuinely, whole box from Belgium, fully meets the strictest shipping and storage standards. Ensure 100% quality when reaching customers. Besides paper box cakes, we also own Belgian cakes imported tin boxes with a variety of designs, beautiful designs, luxury suitable as gifts for every occasion.

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