Since 1756

Riedel Crystal is a glassware manufacturer based in Kufstein, Austria, best known for its luxurious stemware. Through 300 years with 11 generations, Riedel stemware has been continuously and specifically designed to translate the "message" of wine to the human senses therefore to elevate wine drinking experiences.

Breakthrough designs

Riedel is the first company in history to recognize that the taste of a beverage is affected by the shape of the vessel from which it is consumed, and has been recognized for its revolutionary designs which complement primarily alcoholic beverages.

Our products.

RIEDEL Degustazione

Riedel Performance Collection

Riedel Veritas Collection

Riedel Winewings Collection

Fatto A Mano Collection

Riedel Fatto A Mano Performance Collection

Riedel Sommelier Black Series Collection

Riedel Sommelier Black Tie Collection

Riedel Superleggero Collection

Riedel Tumbler Collection

RIEDEL Whisky Set

Riedel pictures.

Riedel - Luxury Crystal Brand

"To be able to make a bottle of wine is not easy, to find a bottle of wine that tastes and enjoy it properly requires a process of understanding and tasting. When it comes to wine, it's impossible not to mention Riedel, a brand with a history of more than 265 years. Riedel is headquartered in Kufstein, Austria and is currently run by Maximilian J. Riedel (11th generation)."

Class in each of Ridel's product lines

There are many types of wine glasses on the market and a variety of prices, but Riedel's glasses are always chosen by wine lovers. It's no coincidence that people spend a lot of money to own the company's cups. The special thing is that Riedel crystal products help drinkers feel the delicious taste of each wine line. Not only that, but also shows class, willingness to play and stylish.

When producing, the design idea is not on the drawing but will be shaped through many tests. It also has the support of many leading wine experts. For many years, Riedel has offered many scientific, interesting explanations about how the shape of the glass will directly affect the aroma and taste of wine.

Each glass is about celebrating the taste of wine, and Riedel has created it with science. The size will directly affect the amount of air exposed when the alcohol is poured out. How much wine reaches the mouth depends largely on the shape of the glass, the diameter of the glass's mouth determines the amount of wine and how long the wine flows to the palate.

Wine critic Robert M. Parker Jr. has praised the Riedel glasses as the best crystals. He also appreciated the aesthetics of the glass and the profound impact on the wine experience.

Riedel at World Finest Foods

World Finest Foods is proud to be the exclusive importer and distributor of genuine Riedel wine glass and accessories products and accessories in Vietnam.

"We are committed to providing you with the highest quality and classy wine experience."

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