Who they are.

Royal Albert has been making fine bone china tea ware since 1904. They are all about adding unique touch of cheeky feminine fun to all things quintessentially English to form their Giftware and Tableware collections. From tea sets to plates and mugs, Royal Abert knows it’s all in the detail. By using the finest materials, you can expect only the very best; whether you're collecting an entire range, building your own eclectic mix of patterns or buying a gift for someone special.

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Quintessentially english, quality and charming.

Established in 1896, Royal Albert is inspired by everything English; from the national flower, the rose, to the beautiful blooms of a colorful country garden. Its range of English china has been admired for generations thanks to its lightness and almost pearly white quality, meaning that you can add a touch of vintage luxury to any afternoon tea. Steeped in heritage and vintage credibility, Royal Albert takes great pride in delivering attention to detail and exquisite styling.

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Royal Albert - The porcelain Brand of the British Nobility

"Nowadays, English afternoon tea parties are no longer a stranger to Vietnamese people. Every afternoon tea, there is no shortage of delicious tea, pastries and luxurious cup warmers. England, a country with high-class brands of dew porcelain is always chosen by tea lovers to own great tea table accessories."

Royal Albert - the porcelain brand of the British nobility is always the first choice in afternoon tea parties because of its delicate, charming and royal products. Royal Albert porcelain with sophisticated beauty will be an indispensable accessory on the banquet table of the elite.

The history of the brand

The Royal Albert was officially founded in 1904 but in 1896 Thomas Wild introduced the brand as a family pottery shop in Longton. It is one of six towns in Stoke-on-Trent where pottery lovers hailed it as the cradle of world porcelain. The royal albert was named after Prince Albert, born to Queen Victoria and later King George VI.

As a result, the close relationship between The Royal Albert and the British Royal Family also began here. Reputation also helps the brand to receive prestigious Royal Warrants. This is considered a noble "medal" for every brand in the UK.

High-end porcelain

The Royal Albert line of ceramics conquered a large number of porcelain lovers. Romantic, floral, charming and feminine, it's all the beautiful words that critics and porcelain players have tastes around the world are not sorry to dedicate to the Royal Albert designs. The name Royal Albert has always been associated with the highest quality tableware and teaware accessories, typical of the designs "Old Country Roses" and "Midnight Rose" that have been sobbing the hearts of many ceramic players in the world.

World Finest Foods – Royal Albert Exclusive in Vietnam is proud to be a leading supplier of quality British porcelain products.

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