About us


World Finest Foods is proud to be the importer and distributor of famous food & tableware brands from all over the world to vietnamese clients. With the world admired brands of glassware, cutleries, porcelain, food and tea, our mission is to share the taste of luxury lifestyle to our clients.

We have been carefully choosing the international brands through years with the philosophy to offer the brands with history, quality and good values to the consumers. All the products are exclusively imported and carefully transported to our warehouses, with the best conditions to maintain the quality. We treasure and save the arts of craftsmanship from the factories to your home.

Our mission


Our mission is to deliver the finest food and finest tableware to the consumers' home and the most luxury hotels and restaurants in Vietnam.

We keep searching for the most famous and highly admired brands in the world, from the best iberico ham in Spain, the wellknown Wedgwood porcelain from England, the finest Riedel glassware by the Austrian family, the number one Belgium biscuit brand Jules Destrooper, to the Borjomi mineral water from Georgia.

We also keep sharing the culture of gourmet lifestyle through workshops, educational events, master classes, gastronomy activities with our wishes to share the "taste of luxury" to Vietnamese consumers.



World Finest Foods' services are also our commitments:

• Deliver the selection of finest foods, finest waters, finest tea brands, finest cutleries and porcelain, and any products and services that would turn your tables to a journey of gourmet life.

• Delivery to your home with cares. Best conditions for our products from the factories to our warehouse and to your home.

• Consultancy on displays, decoration, preservation, cleaning and maintaining the quality of the products.

• Workshops, events, education activities such as afternoon tea services, wine dinners, wine tasting events, riedel glassware seminars, etc.

• Our services will be customized to your needs from selecting products, pairing food & beverage & tableware, preservation to setting up the dining tables and tips to enjoy our products with joys.

Don't hesitate to contact us.

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